Monday, 24 June 2013

Let us know your address for Romantaque delivery - any where around the globe!

Romantaque has sharpened its edges with modern technology in latest avatar and has increased the speed to show effect. Team Romantaque has also widened and spread it’s delivery system to match this new avatar of Romantaque. ,
In last life of Romantaque (the earlier Ayurvedic version), it was channeled through select few outlets – channel partners and eBay. In this current version Romantaque has spread the net beyond the physical deliveries around Pune - Mumbai - Delhi. Now it is available through various sites like Healthkart  , Tradus, Health-Shoppe ,Pepperfry , DivasandAngelsWellnessOcean , GetIt360 and Just4Us for India deliveries .

Price charged here is for the product only and deliveries across India offered on FREE OF COST basis. So you may be anywhere in India, may it be Kashmir or Kanya Kumari. Or could be in Zhumrutalaiya  for that matter. (Mind it,  it it does exist in real world, there is a place named Jhumri Teliya in Jharkhand and  and not just on Vividha Bharati)

As regards to global deliveries, so far we were taking help of Amazon. But you never knew with whom to chase, in case you need to expedite the delivery. Now we have developed the site to a level where we can receive your order and money as well at a place and kick off the process. You just have to book the order on site at  and wait for Romantaque to reach you. Only rider being that the address where you want Romantaque to reach you, should be reachable by FedEx or DHL.  With help of the logistic experts we will make sure Romantaque reaches you in shortest possible time.

On receiveing your order for delivery out side India, Team Romantaque will line up with courier including packing, dispatch, transportation, warehousing , custom clearance,  till it reaches you. Of course local taxation, if any would be as per routine business practice.  If you decide or choose a delivery address in Antarctica or Sahara dessert, no problem. Just make sure that you are available to receive Romantaque, when it reaches there.  : )

While going for deliveries outside India , you would also find that getting a bouquet pack over solo pack makes better sense. We have passed on to you the full benefit of freight utilization due to increased weight in Bouquet pack over solo pack.  : )

Bouquet pack will also bring blessings and best wishes from your friends and family with whom you may decide to share a bottle of Romantaque. We would not claim our share there  :) :) :)

Welcome aboard to the journey of Hair Free Skin world.

Happy Hair Riddance

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ways to deal with Unwanted Body Hair... OR Romantaque!

For us, as Indian, we are privileged to have answer for everything. Every problem we know has a solution. If and when, we get the power over world we can set it right. We are blessed with something to do with the mindset, we are born with.

Everything discovered by modern science is known to us, ages ahead of the world.
May it be god’s particle, was known to us from sage Kanad days, or latest discovery of science that has now found that a new born child recognizes its mother’s voice from its younger days, as young as two weeks!

We knew it.
Glad to share here, a clip that solves your problem of UNWANTED HAIR in a jiffy and with very simple path to follow.

Natural  Ways to rid of Unwanted Body Hair

And if, you find it difficult to agree with the clip, as it’s a different matter that we cannot practice and benefit from it from our age old knowledge on AS IS basis, you have Romantaque any ways.

Now 'Romantaque – Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizer', can reach you anywhere around the world. As long as you are somewhere where you can access internet and a courier like Fedex or DHL reach you. I suppose that is not as difficult, for sure.

Happy hair riddance.  .. …

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Romantaque is available in Malaysia now

Team Romantaque is glad to share the news that now it's available close to users in Malaysia as a local delivery.

Let us know your exact address in Malaysia to reach you. or simply contact Ms Sonia Kalyan, at  +60 167226174 or at SoniaKalyan@PhoenixMarketing.Asia

We are also upgrading website, so as to get ready for global deliveries.

If you are close by to access internet, to place order and a courier company like DHL can reach your address,  Romantaque can reach you as well.