Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Facts about hair - What is the status of matter as of now?

Possibly this is one of the very neutral places which talks about hair growth in all manners? And that too without trying to sell you something! No harm in making a visit at least.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Small, Silent Army - One more page from the past...

The IT superhighway at Pune is witnessing a new breed of roadsterssome smart tiny toddlers whisking silently with some interesting products on the roll. Who knows, they might overtake someone big soon
They are not denizens of giant IT parks, but strewn across the city in small bivouacs. They are not coming out with big IPOs but energetically working on new-generation products. They are not housing armies of code-jockeys, but lean, mean teams burning the midnight oil. There is nothing common between them. But they still have the same DNA. They are small, silent, and at it.
A Closer Look Who can otherwise imagine that the open source counterpart to Symbian might come out of one of these small companies in Pune, Celunite, that is focusing on the mobile technology platform.   . . .

. . . . Another bio start-up in Pune challenged the laser market for permanent hair removal with a unique plant-derived chemical solution emanating from a research work on protein synthesis inhibitors. Mrinmayee Bhushan, microbiologist and director hit upon a solution that can use plant-derived chemical for permanent follicle destruction, if applied according to the cyclical nature of hair-growth while her husband Bhushan Vishwanath, director, Mindfarm Novatech took it forward. Pockets of interest in Canada and Europe have shown favorable response. And the duo has confidently moved to the next API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) that varies in the degree of potency. The results are indeed compelling, says Mrinmayee. The couple received good response at the World Ayurvedic Forum too.
The list of these small wonders from Pune is not endless, but theres more brewing than what can be accommodated in this piece. Some of these ambitions may fizzle out, some may come out ablaze with a star product, some may challenge the big daddies with their fresh hits, while some may be doomed to stumbling blocks of failure.

Friday, 17 February 2012

IDEAS HAVE NO TAKERS, it was yesterday when they said,

Chronicaling the history for the sake of information and records. A piece from Pune Mirror of Times of India edition January 2009. Though what it is said there is a past and we have come a long way from there.

These ideas from city engineers are interesting, but they haven’t met with success yet. Anuradha Ranade reports
Posted by Arundhati Ranade on Monday , January 12, 2009
Bhushan and Mrunmayee Vishwanath created a cream – Romantaque – that’s a permanent solution for hair removal. It’s also cheaper than its competitors. Foreigners are interested in the product. But in India, this duo hasn’t had any luck so far.
Clippin’ counterfeit
With the number of ………These ideas were presented at an exhibition named Innovations that was orgniased on January 10-11 by IIT Bombay Alumni Association’s Pune chapter along with the The Indus Entrepreneurs,
Enquiries, no takers
Bhushan Vishwanath is a first generation entrepreneur who is basically an engineer. But his product comes under alternative medical treatment sector. He had presented a hair removing cream called Romantaque at Innovations 2007 and now his product is in the market, but is hardly getting response.
The reason he says, is that it’s a unique formulation and no similar product is available in the market. Because of lack of choices, people are not aware of its existence.
Vishwanath said, “My wife Mrunmayee, who is a microbiologist, has created this cream.”
Vishwanath first introduced Romantaque, an alovera cream which permanently removes unwanted hair growth, in 2004. “The routine ways to stop hair growth are either cosmetic surgery, electrolysis or laser treatment.  There is no such cream-based treatment available in India. “
This claim is actually Vishwanath’s problem. He’s getting enquiries from abroad, but Indian customers are hesitant to buy Romantaque, because they are not aware of such products. He said “There are few such creams in the West, but they cost four times more than our product. So people from abroad enquire about Romantaque  as it figures on online shopping sites. But currently we can’t export, as I have yet to get license for that”.
Vishwanath has applied for its Indian patent and has a patent from South Africa. Patent application in US, Australia and UK is in process. “My product has got an FDA license and I also got funding from Science and Technology Ministry of India
Note-worthy, ….

Having gone through the post now you could be the one who will go for it? right

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Once upon a time,


Let me tell you all about how Romantaque was born!

When I was doing my Post graduation, a female relative was going through typical symptoms of post-menopausal blues. Her life literally ‘paused’. In addition to other menopausal symptoms she realized that a couple of thick and dark hairs were growing on her chin. The more she tried to hide or remove those, the more stubbornly they kept coming back; as if with vengeance, thicker, longer and worse, more in numbers!
How much ever she tried to hide them, they attracted lot of attention from all the people. Some people just stared at the stubbles, some pointed fingers and giggled, and some of the friends gave unsolicited advice cum criticism about her lifestyle and various beauty treatments.

Clueless about the right treatment she kept trying every possible method to get rid of them….but to no avail, they persistently kept coming back. She retracted into a shell, started avoiding contact with people as much as possible. This lead to her making silliest kinds of mistakes. She started adding salt to tea instead of sugar. She started forgetting that the stove is on fire, and charring the rice though she was standing in front of it. Her going in to shell did not solve the situation, but was a small respite that she could manage in the pain.

It was extremely painful for me to watch a vivacious, confidant and young lady turn into a meek mouse, worried all the time. I thought I must do something about it.

It was a shear stroke serendipity that gave me the idea, about this particular active that I thought should be effective in stopping hair growth. Being a novice, I simply started working on the concept. Like an enthusiastic dreamy college student I expected that with a few applications the hair should vanish and never come back again. J

 Oooops! It did not work that way!

Disappointed, disenchanted and frustrated; now I thought it was idiotic to even think that hair growth can ever be even delayed.  Though I shrugged and moved on in my life, that vicarious pain was buried deep in my heart and it kept pinching me all the time.

One fine day I realized that the skin patch I had treated with my experimental magic potion was ‘actually’ growing less no of hair, which is thinner and lighter than the rest of the skin.
Oh my God! My magic potion was working! Equally enthusiastic about this ‘find’, my hubby joined me in this dream of developing it into a technologically backed, safe and effective product and of reaching out to as many ladies as possible.

We pledged all our life-savings, our careers to this Technology. After almost 9-10 years of a roller-coaster ride of testing and trials, product launch and refinements, patents and awards, we will be launching shortly, the product “Romantaque” for you.

By the way in 2011, our technology won DST Lockheed Martin India Innovation Award organized by Department  of Science and Technology (Government  of India), Lockheed Martin Corporation of  United States of America , FICCI and IC2- University of Texas.
So now the stage is set for Romantaque!

Mrinmayee Bhushan