Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hair Removal by Epilation : Way to Hair Free Skin with Romantaque ! :)

“Terminate with Extreme Prejudice” – implies aggressive execution, playing on the expression "termination with prejudice" of an employment contract. Simply put it means KILL.

TWEP as an acronym can also be expanded “Threading, Waxing, Epilation, and Plucking”, all method of hair removal prior to application of Romantaque – Post Hair Removal Hair Minimzer.

For Romantaque to work in the right direction with best possible results, it has  to reach hair follicle. To expose hair follicle, hair is to be removed with mechanical force, that can be achieved by TWEP options.

While Waxing is well known, time taking, detailed process, Plucking and Threading is suitable for small areas like eyebrow. Epilation is a faster process that needs to larger audience for quicker hair removal. Here is a link to the blog that talks about Epilators.