Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Body My Rules. .. .. Confidence is above everything else for peace of mind.

Here is the gutsy lady, who is determined to take on the almighty, who has been unfair to her.

All said and done, we as human race have a long way to walk and figure out the games he designs on each of us. 

Confidence is above everything else for peace.Harnaam Kaur, had some abnormal setting her hormone cycles. Since she was 11 year old, she had problems of unwanted hair.

Having fought the impossible battle, and no hope to win at any time, she decided to change the rules of the game.

She decided to convert her undesired hair into a unique selling proposition. And she turned herself in to first bearded model. 

Am sure you will agree with me that her sweetness bubbling through her eyes does have an overpowering effect over mind. : This is my official Page - Harnaam Kaur (The Bearded Dame)   Come and support me on my journey as a plus size body confidence activist model. Much love