Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Can I have the candy?

As a kid, we needed clearance from elders around, before we could accept a chocolate or a candy from an uncle or an aunt, whom we were meeting for the first time. 

It meant assurance of safety and security for the kid.

Same thing is happening again now, when you see "Romantaque" a new product, that claims to minimize hair, around.

Though, we do have a compilation of blogs, by beauty worshipers spread across India, we need a professional, who can certify it.

 The relief that can be availed by a lady from unwanted hair, of having slower growth, reduced pain in next hair removal, and assurance safety of Romantaque, is being validated by a professional Dermatologist. 

This also happens to be a logical path for Romantaque going global.

This exercise is underway at Pune. – India, now.

Team Romantaque, welcomes volunteers based in Pune, who would be willing to try out Romantaque.

Do drop in a mail to so that we can revert to with further details.

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