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Biopower pips Laser - Article in PCQuest - circa January 2007

Partial extract from an article on Hair Growth Inhibitor
A bio start-up in Pune challenges the Laser market for permanent hair removal with a unique plant-derived chemical solution
If you thought that love stories culminate only at aisles and lifelong-knots, here’s a couple with a fresh script. They met, fell in love, tied the knot and vowed for lifelong partnership like any other dove-deuce. 

The story however, starts then. It takes off from the altar, steps into a laboratory and then enters the business corridors where life partners turn into business partners and give birth to their first offspring: Mindfarm Novatech.

From Valentines to assembly lines

Bhushan Vishwanath met Mrinmayee, a microbiologist, when she, as a research student, was working on a protein synthesis study. The cupid hit and soon the couple got married. 

It was that day when Vishwanath made clear that while he would be the breadwinner for the family, Mrinmayee would continue to invest her time in something that is of intellectual significance, and contributes something lasting to the world. In short, she would continue with her research and explore fresh horizons without time or other constraints. 

Little did they know then, that a pursuit of mind could lead them into a new business territory altogether. Mrinmayee, who used her kitchen as a makeshift laboratory, embarked upon a thrilling idea while she was continuing her work on protein synthesis inhibitors. She hit upon a solution that can use plant-derived chemical for permanent follicle destruction, if applied according to the cyclical nature of hair-growth. After a series of checks like animal tests, toxicology studies and human tests, she materialized a tangible and much-cheaper alternative to the laser treatment for permanent hair-removal by using cytotoxic lectins – a well known group of molecules (commonly perceived to be dermally inactive) that can effect permanent follicle destruction with even negligible dermal absorption rates. 

After receiving all the requisite certifications from National Toxicology Lab, Pune and FDA, the couple morphed their marriage into a new joint venture. With Mrinmayee as the head of research and Bhushan at the helm of the marketing and business activities, they have successfully incubated the cheaper, bio-alternative for laser, in the form of an herbal cream.

Milking the cream

Mrinmayee Bhushan, microbiologist and director, and Bhushan Vishwanath, director, Mindfarm Novatech, have clearly betted big on this venture with their personal savings ............... 

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