Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ripples ‘Romantaque’ creates in an independent mind.

As a part of team that innovated Romantaque, journey from  the pain of unwanted hair experienced vicariously, spending sleepless nights on searching for a solution, up to a getting Romantaque to you has been a journey that consummated life, over a decade. 24 hours of day have been spent thinking about getting rid of hair, on 7 days a week basis. So it is not very difficult for us to keep posting about the journey and things that we happened to see en-route, may it be as scientific journey or manifestations of  human nature and it’s apparent weirdness and fears it loves to cling to. 

However we are sure after some time that would start smelling like a sales pitch soon. So here is what other independent mind says about Romantaque and matters to you.

In a way, "सीधी बात, नो बकवास." 

This is what Yendrilla from Kolkata, says about her encounter with Romantauque at her blog proudly proclaiming  I am she

“For the first time I came across a product which actually slows down your hair growth.”


“I thought of applying it on my waxed hands. So I used it as a moisturizer after shower every day. My hair growth is normally is not so fast. Generally it regrows on the 4th day of hair removal.

On regular use of this product I found that the growth of my hair has actually reduced.I could see my hair regrowing on the 6th day. One thing I would mention here for best results you have to get your hair removed from roots, That's important. So I would suggest to at least try out this product. I'm sure you won't regret.”

As regards to searching for your words to express your experience, you would not need to refer to dictionary, or thesaurus. When you use Romantaque they will pop out with excitement anyways. 

Here is the URL if you feel like typing it out

Happy hair riddance to you.

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