Tuesday, 12 March 2013

When did you wax first ? Was it under 15?

Gap between US and India is narrowing. This is evident from the timing of problems faced on both sides. There it is matter of public debate now, about the right age for waxing? Are girls under 15 are the market to chase? One of the leading Waxing center offered 50% Discount on the waxing services for girls under 15 for this July 2012. 

Some time ago, there was a query from a our Romantaque family member about suitability of it for teenagers. Team Romantaque, had some sweet and straight talking on the matter with a concern for the curious mind. 

We are glad to share with the co travelers, that the curious mind, received the feedback in positive spirit and she also ‘LIKEd’ the feedback, and suggested course of action.

Romantaque had recommended of involving a senior to consult on deciding priorities at this age. The question to be answered is, ‘ Is unwanted hair a critical matter for the teenager at the moment?’. Is it a ‘need’ , ‘want’, or just ‘desire’. 

Let a senior person who has stakes in the teenager’s future be the part of the process, to arrive at the decision, was the recommendation from Romantaque team


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