Monday, 18 March 2013

NASA - Romantaque - Tech Briefs : in a row? ! ?? !!

It was the U.S. Congress that formed the National Aeronautics & Space Administration in 1958, and mandated in the charter that NASA and its contractors must report to industry any new, commercially-significant technologies developed in the course of their R&D, so that engineers, managers, and scientists could use this valuable information to improve their competitiveness and productivity. For more than three decades, this has been accomplished primarily through the publication of NASA Tech Briefs.

This information had to come at this blog that tracks the journey Romantaque – Post Hair Removal, Hair Minimizing Lotion, of pain, confidence and beauty within, because it is this 'NASA Tech Briefs', that has allowed Romantaqueto run “Create the Future” Design Contest – 2013 a race that they host annually.  

What happens in the race is a separate matter, anyways. Qualifying to participate in the contest itself, is like qualifying for the Olympic race. We suppose it is cause of celebration anyway. And what happens next, is just for us to wait and watch, rather than to let the doubts speculate.

Team Romantaque has been keen and ever committed to bring the relief from unwanted hair growth, it has manifested to the world at large through Romantaque . Team has been working relentlessly at the possibility, blinking a decade ago possibly at the end of the tunnel.

As it fulfilled the requirement of “Create the Future contest”, of improvising quality of life in the workplace, and at home, it was not very difficult for the Team to decide to run for the race. Is it good enough to run for a “NASA Tech Briefs competition”?  Would it qualify?  or what happens next? , was something that the organizers had to look after and ensure.

Having given the best shot, it was a pleasant surprise to see that Romantaque – Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizing Lotion has qualified itself to appear as a contestant in the race.

Would certainly ask you to browse through, the entry and other entries as well and vote in favour of the one, that you feel holds the future. Ultimately that idea is the one that will shape the your future. And Shape the way you desire to have it.  

As you move ahead on the time line, you are bound to have some future, as a preset background. Now that you have a choice, what it could be, make the best of the opportunity and increase weight of 'your choice'. 

Happy hair riddance.